Directories and User Search Tools

TwellowA Twitter directory sorted by occupation
Just Tweet It A twitter directory sorted by interest
Twubble This tool will automatically find people who are compatible with your interests. However, if you follow too many people, then Twubble may recommend some people that you already follow
Twittie Me Search for similar users and advertise your twitter page
Twitdir Search for words in usernames, locations or descriptions

Find out about the latest trends on Twitter
Sites that tell the latest stories and trends on Twitter

Twitter Search (Summize previously) Search for the latest trends on Twitter
Twitscoop A search tool that tracks trends as well as certain events.
Flaptor Search A search tool that can be installed on your browser.
Tweet Scan Search keywords on Twitter
Twitterment Search Twitter users and topics

Tweetmemefind out the latest Stories on Twitter
Twistori Find out what twitter loves, hates, believes, etc.
Twitturly Find out the most talked about stories on Twitter
Twitterverse Find out what Twitter is doing
GoodBadMe Keep track of the good and bad on the twitterverse
Favotter Find out the most favored (saved to favorites) tweets

Track Twitter Users
Find out who the top Twitter users are

Twitterholic Find out who the top twitter users are
Toptweet Find out the top twitter users on one place.
Twitrank a list of the top 150 Twitterers

Track certain keywords on Twitter
See keyword behavior on Twitter with these sites

Tweet Beep Find out who is talking about you or your website through certain keywords
Site volume Enter five keywords and see their activity on Twitter
Tweet Volume A more personalize version of Site Volume
Monitter Monitor Twitter conversations on three keywords. Good for catching the latest news
Hashtags Track a certain keyword on Twitter
Twemes See twitter memes or tags for Twitter
Tweetchannel Find out what people are talking about through certain keywords called channels.

Flaptor TrendsCompare the trends of three keywords on Twitter
Twitter Spectrum Find out the dominant keywords via a tagcloud generated.
Serendipitwiterrous Search for tweets of a certain person using certain keywords
Twittertroll real-time Twitter search engine
Twitter Buzz See the most popular links on Twitter

Link Bunch Share more than one link on Twitter
Tweetwire Sorts out links posted on Twitter into news format
Twitterlinkr Find out the latest links posted on Twitter
Twitturls Find out the latest URLs posted on Twitter
Twitter Split Change the way you post links by adding your domain on the beginning of the link

Track Tweets Across the Globe
What do you get when you mix maps with Twitter?

Twittearth Watch as people from different parts of the world tweet.
Twitter Vision Watch Twitter in real time and see the location of Twitter users
My Tweet Map A high tech map that tracks the location of a person
GeoTwitterous Track a person across the map
Twitter Map Same with GeoTwitterous
Twitter Local Find out Tweets about a certain locale
TwitSpy Another way where you can track the location of tweets
Geo Twitter Another twitter location tracking site
Mibazaar Shows current posts as they are posted on maps
Twitter Atlas Find the conversations at certain locations
Twitter Faces Map + Faces

Enhance your Tweeting
Some tools to add elements to your tweeting

Twitter Keys Brighten your tweets with little pictures
Twi8r Translate shorthand text to English and the other way around for easy tweeting
Phweet Phone + Tweet, talk to your twitter friends through this online phone

Create Reviews via Twitter
Who thought 140 character won't make reviews?

Micro Reviews Post reviews on Twitter
Notches Submit reviews. A partner of Microreview
Louder Tweets Have your reviews of certain products posted

Tweet Reading Tools
change how you read tweets

Twitter Digest Read tweets digest-style
Tweet2tweet Read the conversations between two people on twitter.
Twalala Choose the tweets you wants to read. Mute people or mute topics that you don't want to read
Tweet Wheel Find out which of your friends know each other
Twitter Karma Find out who is following and unfollowing you. Have a mass follow and unfollow tool.
Twitter Snooze If you have noisy twitter friends, you can snooze them for a certain time so you won't receive their tweets.
My Tweeple Evaluate your followers through the number of dings (recommendations) they have from other Twitter users
Less Friends Find out who unfollowed you using this tool
Qwitter Receive the names of the people who unfollowed you via email.
Does Follow Tells you if a certain follower is following a person or not
Twitterless Receive a direct message when someone unfollows you
Twitter100 Find out the latest 100 posts of your followers
Twitterator Follow a list of people all at once
Twitter Who Invite lots of people in one go
Twitterlex See your last 30 tweets along with your friends. Use on Mac.
What's Up? Find out what people are up to

Use Twitter on Your Site or Blog
Tools that can integrate Twitter to your site or blog

Add Tweets Make Twitter Update Widgets for site or blog using javascript
Twitterfeed Post your blog to Twitter through your RSS feed
Feed Tweeter integrate Twitter with Plurk, your blog and delicious
Twitter Counter Display your follower count on your site or blog.
Twit This Add this option so people can easily tweet information from your site or blog
Twitter Tools A wordpress plugin that lets you integrate Twitter with your blog. You can send your updates to your blog as well as create tweets directly from your blog
Twitter for Wordpress displays latest tweets on your blog
Loudtwitter Ships your tweets to your blog
Twitter Sharts 'Shart' your twitter status anywhere within your wordpress blog posts or pages
Twitt Twoo plugin that will allow you to update your Twitter status right from your blog's sidebar.
Twitter Updater automatically sends a Twitter status update to your Twitter account when you create, publish, or edit your WordPress post
Twitter Wordpress Sidebar Widget a wordpress widget where you can send your tweets to your blog
WordTwit a plugin that utilizes the Twitter API to automatically push a post to your Twitter account when it is first published.
Comment Twitter SMS Notification plug in to be notified by SMS when a user post a new comment on your blog.
Stammy's RSS To Twitter Not too many people have access to a Ruby-enabled server so the author decided to make a simple PHP script to get the job done.
PingTwitter automatically update your Twitter Account when you publish a new blog post Update twitter along with other sites like Multiply, Pownce, Plurk, tumblr and others.
Hello.txt Same as but with added services
Moodblast A client which you can download. It does pretty much the same as

Twitter and your Favorite Websites
Integrate Twitter with other websites

Twibler Update Twitter with your current ebay listings
Twizon Twitter meets Amazon
iTwitter iGoogle gadget that have, twitter videos, twitter news, twitter tips, twitter tools and more.
Be Twittered iGoogle app that automatically updates every 3 minutes
Twitter Facebook App Integrate Twitter with Facebook
Friendfeed Twitter client Update Twitter through Friendfeed
Twitku Twitter + Jaiku
Buy Later Receive tweets when an item comes back in stock at Amazon
Twitter Yedda integrate Twitter with your Yedda account
Twitget gadget for Windows Live. Displays your tweets
Twitter Planet Windows Live gadget that features the public timeline on the planet earth
Twitt Import links on your tweets to delicious
Twitter Viddler Integrate Twitter with your Viddler account
Drupal on Twitter This module provides twitter notification for new posts. Each user can use their own twitter account to post updates too, as well as have a custom format string.
Googlereader Twitter Script Add a Twitter button to your Google Reader
Twitter King Widget Widget for Netvibes
Your Minis Twitter widget for yourminis website

Twitter for Groups
Effective when you want to only talk to a particular group

Group Tweet Tweet with only a particular group of people
Live Twitting Host Conferences or conduct interviews on twitter and record it in an organized fashion
Crowd Status Find out the status of a certain group of people on Twitter
Twitter Groups Tag your followers into different groups

Twitter as an organizer
Remind yourself of certain activities you have to do

Timer Set an alarm for things you have to do
Retweet Me A reminder tool that sends a DM on your scheduled activities.
Remember the Milk Manage tasks on Twitter as well as set notifications for yourself
Twittercal Integrate your Google Calendar with Twitter
My Chores Track your chores
Planypus Make plans and export them to Twitter
Server Mojo Monitor your server with Twitter

Schedule your Tweets
Auto-tools to schedule tweets. Use wisely. Do not use for spam

Tweet Later Schedule tweets, auto-follow and auto-welcome people
Twittertise Schedule your tweets. Very useful when you are advertising.
Tweet Ahead Schedule your tweets on Mac
Twit Response Imagine Twitter + Autoresponder. Send tweets automatically.

Find answers to your questions
Think Yahoo Answers meet Twitter

Lazy Tweet Find answers to your questions by posting "@lazyweb" or "@lazytweet"
Toanswer Easily get answers to your questions by posting "@toask" and "@toanswer [question ID]"
At Answer Me Another question tool
Twitter Answers Another question site with a nice layout so you can easily get answers to your questions.

Straw Poll Create and answer polls on Twitter
Twitter Polldaddy Create a poll on polldaddy and tweet it
Poll Tweets Participate in the latest Twitter poll
Twittpoll Join some twitter polls and receive the results in 24 hours

Track Yourself Through Twitter Statistics
Check out your status on Twitter

Tweet Burner Track the links that you post on Twitter
Twitter Grader find out your twitter grade. Computed based on how complete your profile is as well as the number and influence of your followers.
Tweet Stats Graph your tweet activity
Twinfluence Measure your Twitter influence through tweets, reach of followers as well as second-order followers
Tweeple Twak Track your friend gains and declines
Twit Graph Graph your tweeting activity
Tweet 140 Track your direct message and tweet frequency
Twitter Ratio Find out your friend to follower ratio.

Make Money with Twitter
Ways you can use your twitter account to earn money

Twittad Place advertisements on your profile
Magpie Advertise with 5 tweets and get paid

Handle Multiple Twitter Accounts
These tools will help you handle those accounts at a certain time. Useful when you have a company twitter profile.

Easy Tweets Multiple account handling, scheduled tweets, overcoming errors, shorten URLs, add RSS
The Mattinator Multiple accounts on Twitter

Graphic Twitter Resources
Resources where you can get backgrounds for your profile as well as icons to put in your blog

Twitter Backs Free Twitter Backgrounds. Includes @problogger's background.
Twitter Patterns 50 design patterns you can easily use for your twitter background
Tweet Backs Some twitter backgrounds you could use
Siah Design free Twitter buttons you could use as well as animated ones.
Buttons Follow me on twitter buttons
Twignature Create your own twitter

Integrate Twitter with Files, Images and Videos
Upload anything to Twitter

Twitpic Let you share photos on Twitter
Autopostr Update your Twitter when you post a Flickr picture
Snaptweet Share your Flickr photos on Twitter
Twixr Allows you to share pictures on Twitter via your mobile phone
Visual Twitter Answers "what are you doing?" with pictures.
Twitter Poster A huge conglomeration of Twitter user images.
Twiddeo Think Twitter updates + video
Twitplus Make tweets with pictures, videos and files
Twittershare Share pictures, music, video and other files on Twitter.
Twixxer Share photos and videos on Twitter
Tweet Cube Upload files to Twitter
Pikter Post pictures on Twitter
Twittermail Update twitter via email
Twitter Reply Receive your replies on your email
OuTwit Update Twitter with your Microsoft Outlook
Vtwitter Vtwitter allows Zimbra users to send messages (or sometimes called tweets) to their Twitter account directly from their Zimbra email.
mail2twitter mail2twitter is a free service that allows you to post tweets through e-mail

Twitter and Music
Integrate twitter with your love for music

Twittytunes Tweet what you're listening, watching or reading regardless what player you are using. Listen to music and tweet it to Twitter
Wiiizzz Lists the audio tracks on Twitter

Twitter Downtime Saviors
Tools that will save you when Twitter has its downtimes

Twit a Bit The place to be when Twitter is down. Anyone can continue tweeting in this site.
Tweetake Backup your twitter account
Twitter Safe Another place where you can backup your account.
Hahlo Another website where you can tweet

Twitter Spam Watchers
Fight twitter spam with these tools

Twitter Blacklist Find out who's blacklisted on Twitter
Twerp Scan Find out who's following too many people at a small span of time.
Twitspam Report those spammers here

Twitter Messenger Applications
Integrate Twitter with your Messenger

TwitterIM Integrate twitter with your MSN or ICQ Messenger
Yahoo Messenger Twitter Sync Plugin Integrate twitter with your Yahoo Messenger
TwitterYM Update your Twitter on Yahoo Messenger
Twessenger Twitter tool for Windows Live Messenger
Twit4live Update twitter via messenger as well as advertise the tweets of your friends.
TikiTwit Integrate Twitter with iChat
Twitterific A downloadable application which have multiple account support, auto refreshing mechanism, audio notification of new tweets and integration with AppleScript. Compatible with Mac OS X 10.4 or later
Mad Twitter Twitterific for Windows
Tweet-r An Air Application that differentiates itself from other downloadable twitter applications through its flawless drag-and-drop file uploading system.
Twidget a downloadable application with all the features of twitter except that it auto refreshes.
Twhirl popular software that can handle multiple accounts, URL shortening, crossposting to Pownce and Jaiku, Post images on Twitpic, and search tweets using twitter search and tweetscan.
Tweetdeck Adobe AIR application that lets you view your replies and public tweets as well as group tweets at the same time
Twinja another twitter client built on AIR
Snitter another twitter client built on AIR
Pwytter A standalone Twitter client
Teletwitter Twitter client for Windows
Twitterlicious Twitter for Windows that supports proxies, have a read-unread system and auto-refresh mechanism.
Twitter CLI Tweet via a command line
BLT Another tool to update Twitter on a command line
Twitteroo Let you send tweets on your PC with URL shortening and sound notifications for tweets
Chirrup A Japanese software which showcases your followers and accounts in other social networks
Twadget Twitter tool for Windows Vista
Twitgit Twitter widget for Mac users
Vim Twitter Client A simple client by Vim
ZenTwitter Update Twitter without opening a window
Twitux Another simple Twitter client
Deskbar Twitter Update Twitter on Ubuntu
Gtwitter Update Twitter on Linux
Twit.el update Twitter on Emacs
Spaz open source desktop client for Mac, Windows and Linux
Tweeter client that is Java-based and supports proxies. Inspired by Twitteroo
GTwitter GTwitter is a Linux client for reading and posting to web service.
Natsulion Simple Twitter client for Mac
Twitterpod TwitterPod can store logs to database and search Twitter logs quickly like
Twitterpost TwitterPost allows you to easily post to and read from your Twitter feed - plus a whole lot more
Twittereeze SIMBL extension to add functionality to Twitterrific
Twit Kit Integrate Twitter with your Firefox browser. This plugin can work on Windows, Mac and Linux. You can also customize the look to fit your tastes.
Twitterfox Find out the statuses of your friends on Twitter right on your Firefox browser
Shareaholic Share webpages with your friends on Twitter. Can be integrated with your Firefox Browser
Twitbin Receive and send tweets at the side of your Firefox browser
Firefox Search Plugin Find out how you can post to Twitter right from your Firefox search bar
Twitterbar Post to Twitter via the address bar
Tweetbar A twitter sidebar for Firefox and Flock
Twippera Twitter widget for Opera
Power Twitter Twitter plugin for Firefox that have photo and video sharing capabilities.
Yoono Firefox add-on that add different social networks to your browser
Twitzer Firefox plugin that let you post more than 140 characters.
Twitterlights Firefox addon that lets you Tweet any page you see.
Twitterbook Post to twitter like Bookmarking
Twitterline Displays your friend's public timeline on your toolbar
Maxthon This is a toolbar you can download so you can tweet via your browser

Twitter on your Mobile Phone
Twitter anywhere you like

Twitterfone Update Twitter using Voice
Twitsay Record Voice Messages on Twitter
Twitter for iphone Self explanatory
Itwtr Another Twitter client for iphones
Pocket Tweets another twitter client for your iphone
Twittai mobile phone software with retweeting capabilities
CCtwit windows mobile twitter client written in c# leveraging the .net compact framework.
Twapper send updates from your 30boxes calendar to your phone via Twitter.
Twittelator Integrate your iphone with Twitter
Twitterberry Integrate Twitter with your blackberry
Vlingo Another tool to integrate your blackberry with Twitter
Email Twitter Get your Tweets on any email-enabled mobile phone
iTweet Twitter Site for your iphone
Qik A tool that let you share videos via your phone.
Jargong Twitter client for your phone that has Flickr and other social network integration
MoTwit Application for Palm OS
Widsets Get content without sending SMS
Moby Picture Post to your blog or sites like Twitter on your mobile phone
Twixr allows you to share pictures on Twitter via your mobile phone
Locify Send twitter updates on your mobile phone along with GPS location
Fring Post to Twitter + other sites using your mobile phone
Abiro Jitter Abiro Jitter (Java Twitter) is an easy-to-use and fully-featured Twitter client for mobile phones
Jtwitter Java application which you can install on your phone
Twidroid twitter client for android mobile phones
Twitteresce Twitteresce allows you to access your twitter feed using your mobile phone.
Twobile Twitter client for users of Windows Mobile Pocket PCs
Tiny Twitter Client for any Java enabled device (that's a bunch & includes the CrackBerry) and any Windows Mobile Pocket PC or Smartphone
Twitter SpellCheck Check your spelling while twittering on your mobile phone

Secret Tweet Imagine PostSecret + Twitter. Tweet those secrets
Curse Bird